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Improve your rhythm and tempo.

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Tempi measures you and your entire band’s tempo live, while you play, and lets you analyze the performance when you’re done. It's like a reverse metronome.

  • Tempi listens to you while you (or your entire band) play.
  • Tempi reports the BPM (beats per minute) of your performance with remarkable accuracy.
  • When you’re done, Tempi lets you analyze the recording so that problem areas can be pinpointed and improved.
  • Use Tap for Tempo to quickly get a BPM reading at any time.
  • Switch themes for easy nighttime use, or to use whatever suits your style.
  • Export the audio recording of your performance to keep or share.

What kinds of music can Tempi detect?

Tempi works best when there's a distinct "pulse" to the song, like a kick drum/snare or a repeating chord, and assumes the player is trying to play at a consistent tempo. With less structured music it still does quite well but may occasionally report incorrect tempos.

Can I use Tempi with my entire band at the same time?

Absolutely! Tempi works great with your entire band playing at once, and is a great way to make sure everyone keeps a consistent tempo across the entire performance.

The screen's too bright while performing at night! Is there a night mode?

Tempi has many different themes, and a few (Nighttime Red and Pitch) are perfect for use in low-light situations.

How do you pronounce “Tempi”?


Current Version: 1.2.1

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