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What We Do

  • iOS and Mac

    We have 40+ years of combined experience developing software for Apple's platforms. We're up-to-date on the latest Apple technologies.

  • UI/UX Design

    We can craft a new design from the ground up, work with an existing design, or team up with your designer.

  • Strategy

    We don't just build. We'll help you strategize your product and figure out what should actually ship.

About Us

Combined, John and Davey have over 40 years of experience working on Mac and iOS, and have shipped hundreds of features and products over their careers.

Our Work


iOS Design + Engineering

Astralo is a medical app used by hospitals. To develop the app, we started with multiple rounds of UI design, iterating with the Astralo team and incorporating feedback into the design.

Once a design was chosen, we worked with Astralo's backend engineers to quickly build an app UI that matched the designs along with a REST interface and local Core Data database.

Working in the medical field demanded particular care with regard to patient privacy, HIPAA compliance, and data integrity. To ensure the utmost reliability we utilized unit testing from the beginning. We also recognized that medical patients have varying levels of accessibility concerns so we built features such as dynamically sized text right into the app.


iOS Design + Engineering

When Apple announced iOS 10, the team at Telephone Science Corp saw an opportunity to bring their award-winning robocall blocking service to iPhone. They asked us to quickly design and build the app with the ambitious goal of being ready for iOS 10’s launch in just a few months.

We started by doing an engineering feasibility test, then once successful we got to work designing and building the app. For the app’s design, we worked with Nomorobo’s existing brand colors & style to create an easy-to-use experience. When building the app we worked with Nomorobo’s backend engineer to make everything smooth.

Nomorobo for iOS is frequently in the top-grossing Utilities list and is regularly featured by Apple.

1up Events

Website Design

1up Events came to us with a difficult task: design a totally new commerse website from scratch that lets users book any kind of event they want with customizable items, dynamic availability, and other complex UI.

To accomplish this, we incorporated many different elements (including a user registration system, event builder/packages, cart, checkout, and more) into a single easy-to-use UI.

Pen Pals

iOS Engineering

The folks at Pen Pals had been wanting to revamp their popular iOS app for years. They had all the designs done but needed talented iOS engineers to pull it off. They contacted us and we got to work.

We collaborated closely with their designer and backend engineer to get the app up and running. Keeping the app responsive even when offline was a top priority, so we used our past experience building social apps to make sure caching worked well.

Social Finance App

iOS Engineering

We developed this iOS app for a small startup that's rethinking personal financing by integrating social networking and making it fun.

While their backend engineers brought up the REST API using IBM SmartCloud, we worked in parallel, using unit tests to continuously validate their rapidly changing API. The design called for a fresh and fun interface with custom animations which we quickly delivered.

We can‘t wait to see this app shipping on the App Store!

Shopping App

iOS Engineering

The makers of this popular shopping app enlisted our help to give their app a big overhaul and push for a feature on the iOS App Store.

Using their brand new design, we added Apple Pay, a new product detail screen, a native shopping cart, and a new quick and seamless checkout flow.

We’re proud to say the new version of the app was promptly featured on the iOS App Store!

Apple: macOS and iOS

Design + Engineering
25+ Years

We worked on many areas at Apple, including:

  • iCloud
  • Parental Controls
  • Setup Assistant
  • Today Widgets
  • Software Update
  • Settings
  • WiFi
  • VPN
  • Security

… and lots more! We’ve helped design and engineer many areas of macOS and iOS while we were at Apple.

Other Apps

Design + Engineering

Some other apps we've worked on include:

  • Numerous (iOS)
  • iFlash (Mac)
  • iFlash Touch (iOS)
  • Simon Extreme (Mac)
  • Key Xing (Mac)
  • Retail App (iOS)
  • Your app here!

We know what it takes to ship successful apps for Mac and iOS.

What We Do

iOS and Mac Engineering

We're expert iOS and macOS engineers with over 40 years of combined experience.

  • Fully versed in Swift/Obj-C/Xcode.
  • Always up-to-date on the latest Apple technologies.
  • Broad experience integrating with various backend systems and architectures.
  • Our code is clean, solid, and future-proof.

UI/UX Design

We can craft a new design from the ground up, work with an existing design, or team up with your designer.

  • 5+ years of iOS and macOS UI/UX design.
  • Experience prototyping interactions with tools like Sketch, Xcode, Hype, and more.
  • Design everything from entire flows for your app to specific pages.


Need help planning your product's roadmap? We can guide you through all the details of what your app should be, including:

  • Planning for upcoming technologies and new hardware.
  • Building a great app within your budget constraints.
  • Refining your feature set based on schedule and target market.

Whether you're adding new features to an existing app or building a new app from scratch, Windmill has you covered.