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Airbnb partnered with us to build augmented reality apps and prototypes for their next generation hosting platform.


Nomorobo trusted us to design and build their iOS and Android apps. Apple has featured Nomorobo multiple times on the App Store.

We worked with PopSockets to create an iOS app with e-commerce support, a cutting-edge photo editor, and social sharing.


We founded Windmill in 2016 with the aim of helping businesses forge a top-tier mobile presence. Our clients trust us to build their apps quickly, without compromising quality. Our work is regularly featured by Apple on the App Store.


We’re full service app creators. We’ll do everything to bring your app to life, including design, iOS & Android clients, and web backends.


Apple, Airbnb, PopSockets, Nomorobo, DNSFilter, Littlefund, Astralo, Pen Pals, Yap Studios, 1up Events, Mona, b8ta


John Scalo and Davey McGavern met as iOS and macOS software engineers at Apple. Combined they have over 45 years of experience designing and building software.



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