Taska is beautifully designed to let you quickly create and edit GitHub/GitLab issues.

It talks directly to GitHub/GitLab so your data stays 100% secure and compatible with others, whether they use Taska or not.

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Use the Task List for Quick Edits

Create new issues in a snap.

Taska lets you group tasks (aka issues) by milestones or labels, and create tasks in any group.

Change task titles, assignees, and labels, all on one line.

No need to leave your keyboard — just enter “@” for assignees and “#” for labels.

Pin tasks you’re focusing on.

Pinned tasks always sort to the top of their group. Pins are only visible to you.

Click the checkbox to close completed tasks.

Tasks animate closed and have a striked-out appearance.

Sweat the details with a powerful inspector

Easily edit all attributes of a task.

Assignees, milestones, labels, descriptions — they’re all here.

Intuitively change multiple tasks’ attributes at the same time.

Just select multiple tasks in the list, and edit attributes in the Inspector.

View and leave comments in a flash.

Images and full Markdown support included.

Priorities are a first class citizen in Taska.

Priorities show up as labels to others, so your coworkers aren’t left in the dust.

Instantly Search, Sort, Group, and Filter

See search results immediately as you type.

Taska constantly updates search results as you’re typing.

Sorting tasks is instant.

You can sort by date, assignee, and even priority.

Switch between Smart Filters for custom views of your tasks.

Change how tasks are grouped to get a better perspective.

And so much more…

Open multiple windows for different tasks and repos.

Taska’s flexible workflow lets you work in one window or many.

View Activity to see all the latest updates involving you.

You can even get notifications when there are new updates.

Customize your repos with Repo Settings.

Custom priority systems (Agile, Fruit Co, etc), save modes, notifications, and more.

Full Markdown support in descriptions and comments.

Code blocks, checklists, tables, block quotes… it’s all here.

Dark Mode.

Coffee sold separately.

We hope you enjoyed this tour of Taska.

Taska’s free to try and works with any repo on GitHub or GitLab. We’d love if you gave it a whirl! We’re constantly adding new features, so let us know if there’s anything you’d like to see.

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